ParternShip program has grown with time and yet it is all because of our Premium partners. So therefor after benefiting our Premium partners, We have open ourselves for regular partners. Now with all user are allowed to upload ringtones and monetize them with your account. The partner program has some rules and regulations which are listed below following them will help us sharing a better relation with our partners.


For startup users the process is very simple and easy,On uploading your first three ringtones you will get a free Monteize section open for you.Where you will be able to easily monitize your earnings.


The earnings will only be counted once "three or more" ringtones are uploaded.
Pay order will be generated when the user will reach the 100$ balance.Please see this link to know,how to earn more from ringtones "//link//How to Earn More//link ends//"
For the safety of our advertisers and publishers, shall not be held if your earnings are not counted due to several reasons. keeps the rights to terminate your account, if considered unsafe for other Partners.

Rules and regulations

No Fake views should be given by the user,if your account activity leads to such activities your earned credit will be Re-deposit and in some case it can lead to account termination.
For the safety of the advertisers and sponsors.

Ringtones Content

Ringtones should not lead to any adult content or porn voices,abusive language,rudeness, crudity, indecency, indelicacy, offensiveness, suggestiveness, bawdiness, ribaldry, obscenity, lewdness, salaciousness, licentiousness, depravity, sordidness, smuttiness, dirtiness, filthiness, smut, dirt, filth,we suggest user to upload ringtones of their own. The best source to create ringtones is to look around and capture beautiful voices which are around you. Use our record feature to turn anything into ringtone.


EARNINGS are based upon the views of your content and its sharing. Your earnings are counted over ECPM and SSC (Social Sharing Click) the more views your content will get the more you will earn,sharing it to different platforms will let you gain popularity, by making your channel unique with content and profile. You will be able to create presentable recognition Which will help you in becoming Premium Partners.


Our Premium partners will be allowed to upload as many ringtones they want. Their Ringtones will be displayed on our website without any prior admin check. Premium partners will be allowed to upload content in the main categories which ofcourse is our most popular area of the WebApp so the chances of organic views from to your particular ringtones will be more. The three most popular premium partners are "walter white" "usman khan" "umair khan" .